Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucketts Revealed ~ Part 1 & Through The Garden Gate!

I can't believe it's Saturday night all ready!
I tell you, this week has been a whirl-wind,
where has it gone?
I've been cleaning and re-arranging things at the shop
to prepare for Brevard's annual
White Squirrel Street Festival
this Memorial weekend.
More to come later, but if you'd like
to read more about the festival,

Yes, they're real!

The Lucketts Spring Market started one week ago today
and I'm finally getting to share some of the
pictures.  I took 154 that weekend so, I'm
going to have to split up the posts!

When we arrived at the market grounds a long line
of anxious shoppers greeted us.

Once inside, it was a feast for the eyes and a vintage shoppers heaven!

Dealers made great use of all their surroundings.
I just love these chandeliers hanging from the tree!

So much to see! 
It was a beautiful sunny spring day, and
I came home with a bit of a sunburn! 

Isn't that storage unit with the metal bins fantastic!

This iron bed is so cool!
The gals running this booth were from
Chartreuse and Co., check them out!
I only wish I had gotten some more shots inside
their tent, but it was a little bit crowded!

This tent was A-MA-ZING!
Shop owners Pam and Ronnie Robbins
do a fantastic job with their displays and vignettes!
Check out their shop, Through The Garden Gate or their
blog for more inspirational ideas.
Below are a few shots of their wares,
hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Just love this wreath!

And I drooled over this lamp!

These stacks of books tied with burlap
 and vintage lace, fantastic!

The little bow atop the birdcage is adorable and so simple!

I'm going to try making some of these kraft paper flowers
on sticks.

The kraft paper flower wreath is pretty great too!

Drat!  I thought I had more pictures of their booth!
Aren't they wonderful?

Well, goodnight and more pictures from Lucketts tomorrow!

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