Saturday, April 16, 2011

Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Pesto Pasta

Good Afternoon!
What started off as a dark and gloomy day has turned into a beautiful,
sunny, all be-it breezy spring Saturday!

I don't know how many of you follow the fantastic Ree Drummond,
aka "The Pioneer Woman", but the other day I found a recipe
on her blog, and let me tell ya, it was out of this world fan-tas-tic!
You absolutely must check it out, so click on over to "The Pioneer Woman"!

Doesn't it look delicious!
So, last night I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner.
I had left-over roasted red pepper and some prepared pesto
from the panini's, I also found some parmesan in the fridge.
I decided to make a simple pasta with the found ingredients.

I cooked up some penne pasta for one, probably about a cup and a half
of cooked pasta, it really ended up being a little too much!
Once cooked and drained, I threw the pasta back in the pot and
added about 1T. of butter and 2-3T of pesto and the last of
the roasted red pepper, cut up into small pieces. 
Sprinkled in some grated parmesan and stirred it all
around until the butter was all melted and everything was
evenly dispersed.  Then I dumped the pasta into a pretty
bowl, added some more shredded parmesan for good measure
and a sprinkling of parsley for a little color (I wished I had fresh)
and 3 small pieces of roasted red pepper I had reserved to finish it off!

 I must say, it was quite delicious with a nice salad and
some crusty bread!
As the immortal Julia Child said, "Bon Appetit"!
(Can't you just hear her saying that, it makes me smile!)


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