Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Ode To Spring ~

How I love spring with its bright sunny days, bird song, and nature just starting to burst forth in a riot of color.
Now, please excuse the quality of the following pictures, I left the house with only my cell phone!
This past weekend Emma, Riley, Gummie and I enjoyed taking walks around the property in the warm sunshine after more than a week of grey, freezing cold, damp, rainy weather.
Riley is our constant companion on walks.

Gummie kind of follows along sometimes, but usually keeps her distance, she never knows when Riley will decide to tackle her and send her tumbling across the lawn.  He's got a bit of the devil in him, especially lately, I think he has spring fever.  Even his brother, Gunner has been keeping his distance from him!
Doesn't Gummie look pretty in the sunshine?

Riley's just munching on some grass, so happy to have the sun out again!

He loves to go off exploring, looking for critters lurking in bushes.

The red buds have popped and are looking gorgeous!

Wild, sweet violets are blooming everywhere!

Emma's enjoying her walk...

Takn' a roll in the grass, a favorite past time!

Emma saying, "thanks for the walk Mom, now rub my belly!"

And then yesterday afternoon, wouldn't you know it...

A storm comes rolling in...

And let me tell ya, it was a doozy!  Emma was totally freaked, Riley was hiding under a bed somewhere and Gunner was under the ottoman.  Gummie was the only one who didn't seem to be bothered, but she's kinda not all there in the head!  Even I got a little nervous, the wind was howling, pounding the rain against the windows and thunder shook the house a couple of times.  Needless to say, none of us got much sleep last night, for the storm lasted well into the early morning hours!
The good news is, we woke up to glorious sunshine instead of the previously forecasted rain all day, though the temperature has turned distinctly chilly and is supposed to get down to freezing again tonight.
Oh well, I guess two days of warm sunshine was better than none, more rain forecasted for later this week! 


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