Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Day!

April Fools Day (April 1st) is my Mom's birthday, she turned 65 this year and is officially, as she says, a senior citizen!  Growing up my brother and I would try and prank her with saran wrap on the toilet, vaseline on the toilet seat, etc., you know the usual stuff!
This year we decided to go to our favorite shop, Honeysuckle Hollow (check out their website!) where for the last 20 something years, they've  hosted an April Fools Day Sale & Pajama Romp!
Yup, so we rolled out of bed in all our pj'd, bed-headed splendor and headed to Honeysuckle Hollow.  Along the way we picked up our dear friend Sandi who manages Gravy (check out their blog!), a shop benefiting the local boys and girls club and is located at 17 West Main Street (my neighbor)!
We arrived at Honeysuckle Hollow a little before 8am (Between 8 and 9am early-birds get 50% off the lowest price on all red-tagged items!).
Please excuse the quality of these photos, I forgot my camera and had to resort to the cell phone!

Our friend Kay made this beautiful lemon bunt cake for my Mom!

My Mom and Sandi.

Kay in all her (faded) glory!  She actually sewed a faded glory label on her camisole and Jan the owner of Honeysuckle Hollow is trying to cover her up!

All decked out in their finest bedroom attire!

Ta-nia, our musical entertainment.

This little guy was selling rice krispie treats for $1, isn't he sweet!

Jan was so clever, she placed fast food bags,empty olive tins, and mayo jars around the shop as part of the festivities.

This is a little mushroom pin cushion, so cute!

Jan made this wreath with various sewing notions.

There is just so much to see, and these pictures really don't do the shop justice!

So pretty, love the little ballerina.

She papered the back of this cupboard with pages from a dictionary.

She had a great turnout for such an early hour!

The spread... She had coffee, oj, scones, grapes, strawberries, cupcakes & cinnamon rolls.

I just love her shop, a mix of romance and whimsy!
I'll show you what I came home with later this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week!

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