Friday, April 29, 2011

Cookies Anyone?

I'm up to my eyeballs in cookies!



and more cookies!
Well, 150 when all was said and done!  Phew!
 there were 153 to be truthful but, I ate the 3 extra!
  He he, just call me Cookie Monster, YUM!
Come on, how could I have made all those cookies without
eating a few, could you have resisted? 
Somehow, I doubt it!  ;)

Why so many cookies?
Well, these cookies are for Pioneer Day, Saturday, April 30th!
 Its Transylvania Counties
(yes, I live in Trhan-sul-vaaaan-iaaa, (you must say this with your best "Dracula" accent)
and you can BITE ME!)
150th Birthday this year, our sesquicentennial (say that 5 times fast!).
The Historical Society is hosting a special Pioneer Day at the
Allison-Deaver House, a pioneer mountain home built in 1815.
It has been virtually un-altered for the past two centuries and
is the oldest standing frame house west of the Blue Ridge Mountains
of North Carolina.
During Pioneer Day, you will enjoy Civil War reenactors showcasing
formations and firing demonstrations as well as a 19th
century fashion show!  (Ooolala!)

There will be mountain music performed by local musicians on the porch,
 and tours of the Allison-Deaver House.  

Weavers, quilters, and basket makers will demonstrate the
making of their wares.

And down at the barn, visit a blacksmith, beekeeper, potter
and chickens!

There will be activities for the kids, a lunchtime BBQ, hot dog buffet,
and marshmallow roasting on an open fire.

Come on and spend a gorgeous, spring day at the Allison-Deaver House!

Saturday, April 30th from 10am - 4pm.

Oh, and in case you were wondering,
I made traditional Chocolate Chip cookies and Oatmeal Crispies.
The Chocolate Chip recipe is from the back of the Toll House
semi-sweet (the best!) bag and the Oatmeal Crispies
recipe is from The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond).
They're pretty darn tasty!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Going To Lucketts!!!

I'm going to Lucketts, Lucketts, Lucketts!!!
Can you tell I'm excited to go to Lucketts?!
What is Lucketts, some of you may be saying?
Lucketts, (AKA) The Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg Va.
Its vintage hip and they're having their 12th annual Spring Market,
May 21st - 22nd, 10am - 5pm!
I've been chompin' at the bit to go to this since I first
heard of Lucketts more than a year ago!

Its an extravaganza of 170 seasoned, fantastic antique dealers from
around the country spread out on the 15 acres surrounding

The gates open at 10am and close at 5pm.  Admission is $7.
So come on and join the fun!

Enjoy food...


more food, and...

lots of really awesome,



unique finds!
After all, as they say...
"The most wonderful time of the year to be at
The Old Lucketts Store is during the annual

Check out their website for more info and/or their new blog!
Hope you can come and join the frenzy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Chicks & "Gutter" Baskets

Remember these cute little guys?

I bought them during our April Fools adventure.
Well, here's what I did with them...

First, I need to give you the back story about the other item I used in this project...
A few years ago I was rummaging around the historic Woodruff Place annual
community yard sale in Indianapolis, and found a huge bucket full of vintage
metal gutter baskets (by the way, the bucket is pretty cool too!).
I purchased the whole sha-bang for $10, a steal
since there are a ga-zillion of these little metal baskets! 
If you're ever in Indianapolis the first weekend in June,
 you must check it out, I always find cool junk there!

This is how the gutter baskets started out and I knew I
could turn them into something cute!

First I gave them all a good scrub, they were pretty filthy!
Then, using needle-nose plyers I curled down each stem.

Next, I hot glued a variety of ribbons, trim and vintage
buttons around the metal band of each basket.

I think they turned out cute even without the little chick!

I stuffed a little "nesting" material in the basket...
And last, but certainly not least, I added a little chick
 with some glued, silk hydrangea petals in her hair, feathers, fluff?

At the shop, I hung the little chick baskets on tree branches
(found at home) that are covered in lichen and moss.

I also cut out paper leaves from a vintage bird book
and glued them on the tree branches.

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of the whole
display, but there's just not a good backdrop at the shop!

I also made some baskets (without chicks) and filled them with
 green crinkle paper and Easter candies.  
What a great Easter dinner favor they would make!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Pesto Pasta

Good Afternoon!
What started off as a dark and gloomy day has turned into a beautiful,
sunny, all be-it breezy spring Saturday!

I don't know how many of you follow the fantastic Ree Drummond,
aka "The Pioneer Woman", but the other day I found a recipe
on her blog, and let me tell ya, it was out of this world fan-tas-tic!
You absolutely must check it out, so click on over to "The Pioneer Woman"!

Doesn't it look delicious!
So, last night I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner.
I had left-over roasted red pepper and some prepared pesto
from the panini's, I also found some parmesan in the fridge.
I decided to make a simple pasta with the found ingredients.

I cooked up some penne pasta for one, probably about a cup and a half
of cooked pasta, it really ended up being a little too much!
Once cooked and drained, I threw the pasta back in the pot and
added about 1T. of butter and 2-3T of pesto and the last of
the roasted red pepper, cut up into small pieces. 
Sprinkled in some grated parmesan and stirred it all
around until the butter was all melted and everything was
evenly dispersed.  Then I dumped the pasta into a pretty
bowl, added some more shredded parmesan for good measure
and a sprinkling of parsley for a little color (I wished I had fresh)
and 3 small pieces of roasted red pepper I had reserved to finish it off!

 I must say, it was quite delicious with a nice salad and
some crusty bread!
As the immortal Julia Child said, "Bon Appetit"!
(Can't you just hear her saying that, it makes me smile!)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Pat's Space

Hello and happy Friday!
I thought I'd share some more pictures of the shop with "y'all" today.
I'm going to try and feature each of the vendors spaces with you
over time and so, without further ado...
 The lucky winner this week is, Pat!

This is a new venture for Pat, she's never been in "business" before
and certainly not retail!
(I didn't mean that the way it may sound, it's what she said!)

Pat's been collecting all sorts of treasures over the years
and has decided she really needed to clear out
and make some room!

She's doing a fantastic job, she really has a great eye for
good buys and pretty what-nots!
I love this metal flower cart plant stand!

Love the floral plates, the shutters make it so easy for display!

Those floral canisters with the red lids, hiding
back there are so cute...

and these note cards are really pretty!

I'm so happy to have Pat and her wonderful finds
in the shop!  I've bought several goodies from her already
and I'm sure before all is said and done,
I'll buy several more!
Ummmmm, that's been a bit of a problem.
Now that I'm not doing all the buying for the shop, I want
to buy what everyone else is bringing in for myself!

Thank you for stopping by, have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Cute Gift Idea!

The other day I received a sweet, unexpected little gift from my friend Dawn.
Don't you think the unexpected gifts are always the best!
Dawn and I only met a few months ago and I knew immediately what a lovely, special, giving person she was.  I am extremely fortunate to know her and lucky to have her as a vendor at the shop.
She creates some of the most adorably whimsical mini art and the gift she gave me was wrapped so uniquely,
(at least I had never seen this done before) that I knew I would have to share it with you.

Dawn made this cute bag out of tissue paper...

She actually folded a piece of tissue and stitched down both sides,
placed the gift inside added a gift tag and stitched across the top to seal the bag.
You can just make out the stitches in this blurry photo(sorry).
Have you ever seen a stitched tissue paper gift bag?  What a great idea!

Inside was this cute little Easter chick cart that she made and ...

Some jelly beans, what would Easter be without jelly beans!
  She also included a little dog biscuit with a bow for Emma,
 (this is not pictured as Emma gulped it down immediately!).

Below are some shots of Dawn's booth.  She has just a tiny little space at the moment but,
she and a friend are going to take a larger space!  I can't wait to see what they do with it!
And let me just say, I apologize for my photography, (or lack there of)
I'm not very good, I have a lot to learn and only a point and shoot
and with all the track lighting bouncing off of everything, it makes it quite
difficult to photograph in the shop!  How's that for a run-on sentence?

I just love this little robins egg blue shelf, if she ever sells it,
I'm all over it!

She used a little drawer and lined it with that cute
green & white paper to use for display, how clever is that!
She's displaying two mini canvas pieces of art, they measure 2" x 2"!
And I just love all her teeny-tiny Easter chicks!

Love the little pink chick on a decorated mini wooden spool. 

How adorable is this Easter tree?! 

So cute!


I just love the little bird collage and the saying,
"Discover You Can Fly".
Ok, I love all her work!

Aren't her creations fantastic! 
I'll post pictures of her new space
 when its ready, stay tuned!
Have a wonderful weekend, its going to be 80 degrees here!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Shower Favor Bags

Good morning! 
About a month ago I threw a small baby shower for my friend
Megan and made these really cute, simple favor bags.
As promised in an earlier post, I'm finally sharing the
 pictures and have included how-to instructions.

For the simple paper bag, follow the below directions...

1: Start with a 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper.

2: Fold about a quarter of the paper in on one side.

3: Fold the other side in to overlap slightly.

4: Use a glue stick to connect the two together.

5: Fold and glue the corners in.

6: Fold the bottom up...

7: And glue the bottom fold.

8: Cut about 1" off the top with decorative edged scissors.

9: Fold over the top about 2" to overlap the side with the seam.

10: Use an exacto knife or a (pretty) box cutter to make 2 slits in the top flap,
(make sure you cut all the way through the bags layers) one where my
finger is and then the second about a 1/2" on the other side.  Just eyeball
it so you have the slits fairly centered.

Follow the below directions for the tissue flower...

1: Stack 6 or 8 pieces of tissue paper (I used 6, for a fuller flower, use 8)
and cut the pieces to 9 1/2" long by 7" wide.  The measurements don't have to be exact, for
larger flowers use bigger measurements and the opposite for smaller flowers. 
I only measured mine for instruction purposes.

2: Start by make a 1/2" fold on the short side and continue to fold back and forth like an accordion.

The tissue should look something like this.
3: Cut a piece of ribbon, raffia, twine or wire depending on your use.
(I used curling ribbon) 

4: Tie the ribbon in the center of the folded tissue.

5: Snip off the corners of each edge to form a point on each side.
Or, you can make rounded ends but this is a bit more difficult due to the layers.

This is the look you want.

6: Fan out the tissue and begin "peeling" up and fluffing the layers as you go...

Like so.  Repeat on the other side.

Your flower should end up looking something like this.
7: Pull the ribbon through the slits in the bag and tie so the flower is on the
folded flap and a small bow on the back, or tie and curl the ribbon.

I attached three little plastic baby carriages (found at The Dollar Tree) with curling ribbon.
Inside the bags I put a couple packets of seeds and some chocolates.

Raley Faith (5lbs 4oz) and Reese Hope (5lbs 10oz) were born on April 1st at 7:39pm.
Aren't they sweet!  They're still in the NICU as their due date was supposed to be
April 26th, but babies and Mom are doing great!

Have a fantastic Friday!